Sharing for Everyone. Everywhere.

Nobody is here to sell anything. Nobody is here to persuade anybody. We are here to offer you a Gift! We are here to prove a point and to show our Sharing Project. It is easy. It is beautiful. And anyone can do it!

Always Free

You don't have to pay anything to sign in. Nor to stay with us! If you want a product, you can buy it at the best price. You will never have to buy things you do not want or do not need! We are FREE. And proud of it!

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is Our Mission

ATS was born for a mission conceived 25 years ago and pursued until today: the REDISTRIBUTION OF PROFIT. The ever-growing gap between the upper, middle and lower-middle classes, creates enormous difficulties to hundreds of millions of people. This happens only because a very small group (2% of the population) holds the largest part of the world's wealth and holds all profits instead of leaving a small part to others. ATS has an innovative, transparent system, easy to understand and apply, so that these disparities will not happen within its Community. The system is conceived to give benefits to everyone, not just the lucky few.

Sharing. Always. With Everybody.

Those who join the ATS Community want to share with others all the good, useful or advantageous  things proposed by our project. Ats Store, Ats Cash Back. Anyone can participate.

You start your sharing activity by simply giving credits to people you want, and using your own social channels to spread the community. It's easy: you do it whenever you want. And it can give really important benefits to all those who understand the team's value.

sharing gifts

Let's share CREDITS! They can be converted into whatever you want!

Credit can be accumulated for personal sharing actions as well as for one's own team, created with those who have decided to participate in the Community by direct invitation. The accumulated credits can be transformed into real according to the possibilities available at that time. Everyone sacrifices a part of their benefits to share them with others, but in turn benefits from the value - which can also be very significant - that it produces. The example tables clarify perfectly.


Useful Tools

In this section some useful tools to share ATS with all your contacts. Find very short video tutorials; posts that you can publish on your social networks; mail and whatsapp to send. And everything else that we will gradually add, even from your own suggestion. They are all free and available in real time: treasure them!

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The Code of Ethics

We consider ourselves to be good people, engaging in Sharing activity in a honest and transparent way. We do not like the careerists or those who want to go fast just to increase their benefits. To all those people we say: our project is not for you. This code of ethics that you can read by clicking is more than just words to us: it shows ideas and facts that we put into practice every day. We strongly recommend to share it with each participant. Because only those who behave well can achieve good results.

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