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Who Supports ATS

A close-knit group of people, with years of shared experiences, dreams achieved but also broken, hopes never lost and renewed ones. A group of people that believes that it is always possible to climb one more step on the ladder of Life. This is the people ATS is founded on. The company has been launched on the market by a person that is considered as a guide by them: Virgilio Degiovanni. He has always been committed to do his best to motivate people. Today, he is here to achieve his personal Mission, shared with all of us and with ATS in order to be realised in the best way.

What is the Mission lying under this project

Twenty-six super billionaires share an income equal to that of 3 billion and 800 million poor people. The wealth owned by the richest 1% exceeded the one in the hands of the poorest 70%. The rich becomes richer and richer, the poor increasingly poor. ATS has the vital mission of reversing this unbearable trend for the vast majority of people, even though it has meritocracy as a cornerstone and does not accept parasites or fake invalids. It wants to reward - richly - who does best. But this does not mean leaving behind people who are less productive. It uses its resources, experience and the mathematical logic to succeed, not just philosophical speeches beautiful to hear but never productive. Because in the end it's all about numbers, but you need to use them in the correct way, if you want everyone to benefit from them. With ATS this is always possible, for everyone's benefit.

What are our goals

ATS has three objectives. All of them are linked and binding:

     1. To spread out all over the world

ATS will do it in the simplest way: spreading out itself through levels of 6 people each, and through word of mouth. It will start from Italy and it  will enter Europe very quickly. Just as fast, it will arrive overseas. There are no limits to the places where it can go tomorrow.

     2. Don't ask. Just give

A cost-price product, a virtual profit, a course, an opportunity. And much more. To anyone, without differences, without asking for anything in return, not even a signed paper.

3. To Share profits and ethics

The profits that arise do not belong only to the one who generated them. They belong to him and, in a small part, to all the members of his team. Always. Without any constraint, or obligation, except one: to start your own team with 6 people who accept a gift and then start in turn. Nothing else, and above all, nothing difficult.

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