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ATS invites each member to work in the simplest and most natural way possible. Nobody has to sell anything. Nor persuade anybody. Members must not even explain in detail the system.
Each member simply has to share his activities with friends, relatives and acquaintances, mostly for free.
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ATS starts by sharing something no one can seriously say no to:
100€ in Credits
Each Member can give them to anyone they wish. Then the company will assign them the Credits the exact moment they sign up, registering their personal data, email and telephone. Nobody has to pay to be part of our Community. Neither now nor ever.

ATS will assign that member to the team who made the gift.

Members who make up their group with the first 6 registered people, will start to get benefits coming from the whole team raising from their code.
Bonuses will always be awarded only to active members, meaning those who will do what is required to switch from the status of Free Ambassador to that of Active Ambassador.

ATS, from the moment of registration, starts sending information material divided into several phases, in order to make reading and comprehension easier. There are no technical or complex issues to learn: just the details of various topics.
free cryptocurrency
Every Monday at 20.30 ATS holds a 1hour Webinar
 hosted by Virgilio Degiovanni, who will present the Sharing Community, operating methods and benefits available to any person invited online by the Ambassadors already registered. It is an ideal time to understand details otherwise not easy to explain clearly.
Every Wednesday, always at 20.30
ATS holds another Webinar, to answer the most frequently asked questions and to illustrate the company Vision. It is a very useful moment to answer common problems and have a point of reference about the medium-long term vision of this project.

Social Channels are always available
Please visit section Tools: it helps each Ambassador giving them clear indications about all the aspects of the project.

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