ATS Free Credits
Guidelines and Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to specify the correct use of the ATS free credits. Free credits are granted by ATS to each member of its Sharing program, at the moment of the registration to the Community and thanks to Contests and Special Awards due to sharing activities.

Assignment Method
The Free credits are assigned through specific email sent toeach ATS Sharing Member within 48h from his / her registration or Award / Recognition. This assignment email is a definitive proof of ownership of the assigned Credits.

As shown below Free credits can be converted into a plurality of products and services, including ATS Tokens, issued by April 2020. The list of products and services will be presented in April, at the same time of the actual assignment of real Tokens they can be converted into.

Value of the Credit
Each Free Credit has a nominal value of 0.01€. 100 Free credits are therefore equivalent to €100 Tokens which are equivalent to 10,000 Credits.

Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate is always 1:1 with respect to the real value of the good or service they are converted into. When they are converted into ATS Token, the price at which they are traded on the officially approved market at the time of the conversion is taken as the point of reference. The ATS Tokens will be listed by April at an initial value of € 0.05 each.
Conversion Value in the first phase
From January 27th to March 9th, it will be possible to convert Free Credits into ATS Token at a favorable conversion rate of € 0.02 each. While the actual value they will be listed in Exchange at the beginning will be €0.05 each.

In order to keep proper conditions on the market, the free credits gained through the registration or sharing activities can be converted into ATS Token with a Lock-up of 12 months. Therefore the ATS Token cannot be liquidated before the end of the said lockup, which will start at the moment of the conversion itself.

Selling Value
ATS Free Credits are not for sale, nor can they ever be sold by any owner. They are awards for sharing activities promoted by the ATS company. They do not have nor can have any commercial purpose.

As free benefits, credits have no fiscal value and are not subject to taxation until they are converted into goods with actual value. If these produce capital gains, they will be subject to normal tax rates.

Free credits belong to the holder of the Sharing activity code. The ownership cannot be transferred unless specifically requested in written form and after receiving company authorization.

Contestazioni/Problematiche varie
Any dispute or report of problems must always be reported in written form to the
No inconvenience, problem or error will be recognized without a written report.