Our Mission: Where all Begins

ATS was born from something that, being myself its Founder, it is always  in my heart as a Mission for life. Something that became clear, in its essence, just in recent years, but that nowadays more than ever I feel it is an absolute need of life… Something I need and want to do in order to literally feel “alive”.  This is a Mission that can be explained with just 2 words, the most beautiful ones you can listen to in this world that has completely forgot about them:


Redistributing Wealth



This is our tenet, our belief, our ultimate aim. To be able to give a fair part of benefits, to all those that have made it available, not just to those that are better or luckier than others. Because we believe it is an inconceivable absurdity that in the world there are 26 people (twenty-six) possessing as much wealth as 3,8 billions of others (Oxfam report). Also, we believe inacceptable that, as highlighted in the chart attached, the 0,7% of world population is possessing more wealth than the remaining 73,2%


All this is unacceptable to us. Personally, it is something against which I want to fight, because this way the world is set to be destroyed, instead of growing. Have you ever asked yourself what would happen to all of us if millions of people could  be able to study, write, create projects whatever their kind, or one day be able set up a business, instead of fighting from dawn to dusk to get some bread to eat? What would happen if this would take a small part of the luck of the most wealthy people? The answers are easy; I am aware of that. Likewise, I am well aware that these theories could be associated with certain political attitudes from which we are quite far away, and that I don’t agree with. I believe in meritocracy and I am absolutely convinced that the better ones would deserve more, and a lot more.


How could then something be taken from those that do more and be given to those that do less?


Through intelligence, through the right strategy, through an economic logic. Meaning: letting those that adopt this concept always benefit more, because they are willing to sacrifice a part of their profits in favour of others, seen that this will bring great benefits anyway. Because only this way you will achieve full cooperation from everyon. Only this way things will change.

ATS wants to do this: it wants to change things, for the better, and for everyone. Not “just for the best ones” or on the contrary “for the luckiest ones”. No, in ATS everyone must do something if they want to get some benefit. Something simple, something anybody can do. Something not requiring to do anything you don’t know how to do or having the knowledge you weren’t able to attain. ATS does not want to discriminate anyone: its aim is to give to everyone, from the first to the last one. And it is asking everybody just one thing:




This means not taking advantage unfairly, don’t deceive, don’t speculate on other people. Be a person, a very normal person, but a GOOD person. When in the world dozens of millions of people could say and prove they are this way, the world will be different compared to the one we are currently living in. And all of us – all of us here at ATS – could be able to say we have made our little contribution. This is for us the best side of Life.


Welcome to those that do think like we do!